Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tom Macon loves Bacon!!!

Tom Macon loves Bacon!!!

So what you might wonder? Well I'll tell you what for. I'm Tom Macon, and I am the self-proclaimed greatest bacon lover in this here United States. But it has to be pork bacon, and it has to be from Smithfield foods, or I ain't eatin it. Just as plain and simple as that. Yep, you done heard me, I love me some pork belly sliced thick and fried crisp. This here blog is dedicated to my favorite bacon company, “Smithfield Foods” out of ole Virginnie and the bestest chef in the mid-west, chef Mac Carpeli.

If you are a bacon fan, join me in showing some love for bacon by blogging it up brother.

And to getter goin, here's a shout-out by Tom Macon to Larry Pope, George Richter and Joe Luter at Smithfield Foods and Chef Mac at Uncle Buck’s Pancakes and More… this Buds for you boys!

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