Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tom Macon has a HERO!!!

So everyone has a hero. For some, it ends up being a super hero from the pages of a comic book. For others, it is a role model in their life. For Tom Macon, it is the dudes of Epic Meal.

When I saw their Bacon Tree, I cried like a little baby being beat for crapping their pants in a Pentecostal Sunday Worship Service. I mean, over 2,000 strips of greasy bacon cooked crisp and served in the spirit of Christmas... what else could you want? (Other than some elves to clean up afterwards!)

I share this with you as an inspiration. Sure, you could aspire to do be rich or have a hot looking sports car, but for me it's all about the bacon baby. In my book, these guys have their priorities straight. That means a lot to me.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where did Tom Macon come from?

So for all of you that have been wondering where a bacon-lover like Tom Macon comes from; I thought it easier to just show you than describe it with flowery words of prose.... enjoy!

Thanks for your inspirational assistance.

P.S. I will not be showing you what happens at the end of the happy journey of a Bacon Cheeseburger... that's just sick John Anthony from Denver, Colorado.